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Wireless App Cornerweight Scales

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Our new product with an interesting feature - Scales that can be controlled using your mobile phone.
Simply download the app to link the scales to your phone.
Save setups to your phone, check the weight distribution from under the car or even in the drivers seat! There’s many advantages to choosing these scales over others in the market.

This product is completely unique, nothing else on the market connects to your phone via Bluetooth meaning all that’s required is the 4 pads – no control panel or other electronic unit and of course, no cables.

A very innovative product with great accuracy at a very fair price. 
• Compatible with Android and IOS software (Utilise your own mobile phone/tablet device)
• Ability to save many setups and easily compare one to the other by a simple one click of a button
• No cables required (Bluetooth connection)
• The only race car Electronic Scale Measurement System to be designed & assembled in the UK
• Fully calibrated system (calibrated using certified M1 weights with full traceability to national standards)
• Measures & displays: total weight, cross weight, front axle weight, rear axle weight, RH/LH weight, individual corner weights (percentages also shown)
• Ultra precise load cells with 0.05% accuracy (System will show in  500 gram increments)
• Displays to 4 significant places (e.g. displays weights as ‘136.5Kg’ - completely unique to this system)
• 24-hour system recalibration turn around service here in the UK - no need to send your scale system all the way back to the USA for calibration
• Full spares back up service with same day dispatch
• 4x CNC machined billet aluminium loading pads with anti-slip surface
• Cordless - supplied with Ni-Cad internal batteries with 12-hour battery life
• Supplied with a 230V - 12V charger cable
• Centre of gravity automatic calculation function with asterisk display on the screen to show the exact car centre of gravity point (unique feature)
• Selectable display in either kg or lbs
• Max weight: 500Kg per pad, 2000Kg in total
• Designed to meet strict quality control standards
• 12-month warranty as standard + full technical assistance provided in the UK
• Setting up your race car with this system will show you how alterations in Geometry, ride height and stiffness affect weight distribution
• Record measurements & once your ideal setup is found, use this system to ensure that on your car is race ready every time
• Ensure you comply with min/max weight restrictions for your class
• If your vehicle has been damaged or altered, this is an excellent way of checking how your setup compares with previous readings
Ideal for All Racing Applications.
All STR products are designed with reliability, quality and accuracy in mind. STR Safety Products Co. are also a fully certified and approved manufacturer of FIA approved & FIA certified products so you can be sure that all products are manufactured to be within very strict quality control procedures. All STR products come with a 12 month warranty.
WARNING - The effectiveness of this system is directly related to the way in which it is installed, used & maintained. The user assumes that risk. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to its ability to protect against serious injury or death. See instructions for correct installation. If in doubt, consult the Manufacturer. Systems can be returned to the Manufacturer for inspection once a year & calibrated every year at a service charge. Contact the Manufacturer if the software or hardware is damaged in any way or does not function properly.
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Price £1,250.00
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